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Don Alejandro, the Mayan teachings, visions and prophecies of the leading guardian. National Mayan Elders of Guatemala (Elders), chairman of the House, the Mayan Calendar holder, 13 generation Quiche Mayan High Priest
and American Intercontinental Elders (Elders), the most senior member of the House and Spiritual Guides. It is also an international lecturer on Mayan Culture.

Dear brothers and sisters,

I salute you in the name of the heart of the heart of the Heavens and the Earth. National Mayan Elders (Elders) on behalf of the Assembly, on behalf of Guatemala Spiritual Guides global level, I want to draw attention to the enormous magnetic connections by:
Maya nation, people all over the world with us in spirit, and the spirit of Mother Earth
invites you to be friendly. A Mayan prophecy says that "meets the fingers of one hand, the
we will meet one day. "We are the children of the world, we are all sublime 'Yaradan'ımızın a different color from the garden, to the body, different flavors, different languages, according to their own culture, worshiping, meditating, but ultimately worship the same God, who people. God, all of us has different names according to their own culture.
We hope that this paper will need to go into the ground, the private sectors as well as
governments as well, reaching the land owners, scientists, etc. people in the world tour.
Brothers and sisters, the earth continues 500 years of extermination, destruction of people, our brothers the animals and the destruction of centuries-old trees growing more and more every night. We are defenders of seniors as a mystical and knowledge of thousands of years.
Tirelessly in birds, lived to see the prophecies fulfilled.
All people and governments around the world to raise awareness of the current state of our planet and want to analyze and reflect.

500 years ago in America, let's start by remembering that a corner of paradise. Virgin forests, cities of beautiful animals and colorful birds flying freely formed cities, enough food for everyone. Were abundant and pure water, and people were living in their own traditions, cultures, protecting and conserving the beauty of Mother Earth. Our ancestors lived to be over 100 years old, away from infectious diseases. They were respectful and obedient to the laws of God.

I also talk about the present time. Advantage of all the benefits of the technology,
our lives, and we all do every day makes it easier for them to inventions
are used. However, these blessings are not for the forests, rivers drying
kirletiyoruz and bodies of water. Ekinlerimiz disease grabbing and eating animals, crops
going on. We are under the threat of infectious diseases, and many of these diseases
non-communicable diseases in the past. Increase in the use of chemicals, pesticides
of all, the use of crops. And most importantly, nuclear testing:
nuclear bombs on our planet and all living beings are threatened as never before. Many people are homeless, children begging in the streets, while others are forced to become prostitutes. Looters and robbers on the rise. People were killed in the streets in daylight, kidnappings, extortion, mass killings in schools, families ocuklarını killed, their families, killing children, parents raping their own kids. All of these result of the contamination. There is nothing that respect, more respect for life. The authorities sell themselves. Justice has become a commodity bought and sold.

Now let's talk about the future. We Mayan elders, and the world
as all the locals, meditate on the future. Not only the present,,
We believe our future. Our children, our grandchildren and future generations.
We see a great coming of darkness, a darkness that will give great damage.
Is the great contamination. All of this is due to man.
Digging our own graves. Wars are transported to other countries, causing
They say they took, but the result is more slavery is freedom.
They say that it will bring new development in less developed countries, but ultimately more
hunger for. If we continue like that people will eventually be found even to fight. National Mayan Elders (Elders) Council ask all nations of the world - governments and managers - to stop pollution, use alternative energy sources, small and large businesses. More war, more death, no more nuclear tests, we do not want to use chemicals because I'm in too much of Mother Earth. If you do not stop now will give you an answer very soon, will cause the death of millions.

Us us to worship Him, God, love each other, and us to count
created. We are all equal, we çiçekleriyiz the world, in different sizes, odors, renklerdeyiz. But all of us are looking towards Him, and various dances, music, worship ceremonies. We are all children of His, see the invisible, feel the feel that He created Herzen. Bestowed upon us to be good im-posed wise. Brothers and sisters of all colors, if the power of unity that holds together executives, politicians, business men can give the following messages: no to war,
bombs, no deaths, no. Together, we can make a difference.
Mayan prophecy says: "up (climb), all of you stand up (climb), no one
the climb gets left behind, where we come together once again, özümüzü
see "

Date December 22, 2012 based on the Mayan Oracles is very important for the world.

The year 2012 will be the beginning of the rise of mankind, in this period will begin a new era halted era in which we live.

But that the world will enter the era of tablets like kriptoyu Mayans were the last to be written after the great flood.

Great tips for a new era, which will flood the already observe due to climatic changes, according to scientists.

Beam bombardment destroyed babies

Mayans prophetic calendar describing in detail their breaks. Mayans this prediction, only 12 years ago, modern humans were able to bring scientific explanation.

Maya Professional Astrophysicist Cotterell, "Vatico Latin inscription" according to the Mayan Aztekler'in as previously experienced in different age four different esoteric (hidden trainer) and symbolic told üsluplarla says. Moreover, the gods mentioned in the inscription Cotterell Tapınağı'ndaki graves at those ages, "Palanquin Cover" was able to discover in the. Information on the details of this ages are as follows:

* First Solar Age: (Matlactili) 4008-year-long corn-fed giants living in this day and age. The sun, by the water, was destroyed. People are turned into fish. Some have called this disaster only a couple of Nene and Tata, kurtarıldıklarına believed kidnapped by a tree living in the water's edge. Others, however, water is pulled up to seven pairs of survivors hiding inside a cave, he argued. In this age Tlaloc'un reigning goddess wife (Jade Skirt Goddess) Chalchiuhtlicue'dir.

* Second Solar Age: (Ehecatl) 4010 years of living in this era, known as Acotzintli fed by eating wild fruit. "The sun Ehecatl" (Wind Sun) had been destroyed by. People are surrounded by monkeys, trees survived by hold on. A woman and a man standing on a rock, escaped destruction. This era the "Golden Age" and the "Wind God" provision would ride.

* Third Age of the Sun: (Tleyquiyahuillo) people in this age of 4081 years "Second Sun" from the descendants of the survivors. Nourished by eating a fruit called Tzincoacoc people live in this world, there was no fire in the so-called Chicunahui on Ollin. This age "Tzonchichiltic" (Red Head) is called the "God of Fire" was believed governed by.

* The Fourth Age of the Sun: (Tzontlilac) began 5026 years ago. Tzontlilac this era founded Tula (Black Hair) is called. People died from starvation after a rain of blood and fire.

Maya experts, Brooks, Mayans collapse, MS Between 600 and 1100 humidity climatic changes that occurred at tropical latitudes connected. 10 degrees and 20 degrees North latitude regions, harsh climate is very sensitive in terms of waves was expressed by many researchers to date. MS researcher at Harvard University in the same way Sheret S Chase Mayan civilization between 790 and 810 claimed that he was exposed to drought. The real issue is the collapse of the Mayans Mayans were curious about the collapse of a magnetic reversal bekledikleriydi on the Sun during the period. They reversibility of the increase in solar radiation bombardment, the infant mortality rate showed increase and extinction. However, the Mayans knew more of these events, and this information will encounter such a thing without showing the head işlemişlerdi calendars.

Books written by the trunks of trees, which is the oldest surviving Mayans Dresden Kitabesi'nde the Mayans were concentrated on the 260-day cycle. At first, some experts over a period of specific repetitive chain of occasions, commented that there is no celestial rhythm of relevance. However, the equatorial and polar magnetic fields changing the cycle is closely related to the sun, and then showed a clear scientific studies. However, the exact scientific basis is still oturtulabilmesi this cycle, only the last twelve years thanks to space-age research and space travel was possible to be done using modern astronomical observations. At the end of our research we have noticed our most recent space 'of the cycle and the importance of revealing the existence of the sun's magnetic tersinirliğinin time' Mayans understand how it really proves that an advanced civilization.

Hormones are effective is it?

Maya expert Cotterell as one of the important reasons for the weakening of the sun's magnetic changes seen Mayan civilization.

Mayans used by the "Long-Term Schedule" of the general BC August 12 began with an event known as 3114'te is considered the birth of Venus. This event is so important that our Prophet to the Mayans. As we have our own schedule we announced the beginning of the birth of Christ they have used as the basis for this event calendars. Changes in the sun's magnetic Maya Specialist Cotterell and low sunspot activity as one of the important reasons for the weakening process saw the Mayan civilization. It is running on any other subject in the relationship between human reproduction revealed by connecting the sunspot.

Cotterell "sun effect" and the people had a theory that contains the relationship between hormone to produce. According to this theory, the circulating levels of solar particles "pituitary gut" (found on the surface of the brain) is secreted by the "hormone melatonin" (color cells) affect the level. In this case, introverted and extroverted behavior is effective. Cotterell discovered the link between the production of solar cell cycle color the secretion of other hormones that he wondered if there might be effective. Surprisingly chemical by hippotalamus uyarılmaylayine "pituitary gut" (on the surface of the brain) produced by the follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), a direct relationship between discovered. This had a direct link between hormone human reproduction.

Control the development of sperm cells in the testes in males are FSH. In women, offers to throw out mature eggs. Solar cycle graph chart in front of the female hormone levels rise and fall of one cycle and the solar wind brought Cotterell moved saw that there was a direct link between charged particles. It was apparent that the world of particles from the sun's magnetic field effect on their production of FSH and women affected growth. FSH if a connection with the production of the sun changes the magnetic field of the magnetic layer also changes in the sun a link should be neutral. BC first inert layer Around 314 (the starting year of the Mayan calendar) polarity changed and a very interesting coincidence, a similar change in the MS Found that 627'de again. Eliminate the Mayans and the other lost in the beginning of the first of these calendars tarihlerdi Mayans. Cotterell ilerigötürerek it a step further in developing countries, the rate of growth of the current world of life-style changes, chemical pollution, and effective pregnancy prevention rather than on the assumption that it was about the change in the magnetic fields. Two things stood out in the light of all this information. Due to magnetic changes in the sun due to the Mayans for their vanished might have been a decline in reproduction. However, the climate kuraklaşmasını brought to mind the lack of other communities do not. Whatever may be the face of the earth Mayans factor that removes large and sudden changes in climate, a fact that council had been. And this is a vital point. Also take into account that we live in the present civilization. If climate changes in the past because they're going to be in the future. Right now we are living in similar climatic changes and desertification great in some parts of the planet. For example, once a temperate climate, with an extremely large part of Egypt's now deserted condition. In this case, they offer us the history of December 22, 2012 you have to look a little more carefully.

New Atlantis will be the U.S. coast

Resolved according to the Mayan calendar, which illuminates the secrets of the new, the east and west coasts of the United States in 2012, the expected flood engulfed in water like Atlantis.

"Expected Year Flood" shows the dates 2012 in the world which is accepted as the most important issue to be curious about what you will experience such changes. As had been predicted Mayans were in the "Fifth Age" when it comes to the end of the world will be destroyed completely or a partition that will be affected by the flood? According to research from the Mayan calendar, and so far this is the most flood affected coastline of the United States and Europe

What's in the physical sense in the world to live that day? We're not going towards a mass extinction. It is estimated that at one time in the first quarter of 2000 with a similar encountered in the deluge. Experts of a change in the magnetic field for many years believed to be caused by major natural disasters. Most of them are recurring phenomena in certain periods of history seems to olageldiği. However, in no time the world has never been so densely populated. Therefore, a flood can cause damage to humanity which can not be predicted.

Especially in countries which are under threat?
Large area along the eastern and western coasts of America as Atlantis will disappear under water. At the same time it also greatly affected by many European coastline. The other major change is expected, however, will üzerindekendisini climates. Cayce scientist will replace the poles and thus the polar and tropical regions today said it will make changes in climatic conditions. Scientific data obtained at the end of the 1900s reveal a similar scenario. All of these estimates are prophetic nature of the world we live at the moment in history that is almost the same age, MS Coincides with the Mayan belief that will end on December 22, 2012.

So, calendars became clear how all these secrets?
Before doing research on the Mayans Mayans experts attempted to solve the time and calendar system. Then I came to work at the moment we use the Gregorian calendar adjustment. Joseph T. Goodman's work will be adapted by Thompson researchers of the Mayan prophecy revealed in the large. According to the Gregorian calendar, BC Corresponding to the date of August 13th 3114 "Great Cycle" in the 13th Baktun, ie 1.872 million days continued, given that MS is currently in the current era Expires on December 22, 2012 were calculated.

Number of 1.872 million odometer world? 1.872 million according to the Mayan prophecies number of priests is of great importance. Cycle, this number reaches the great destruction of the world will live in the world.

Was 2012 the last start?

Yeasts for 2012 'the end of time,' he says. However, this is not a physical change in terms of extinction. Mankind fell four times, and now is time for change. According to the Mayans, the year 2012 will be the beginning of the rise of humanity.

Date December 22, 2012 based on the Mayan Oracles is very important for the world. Because we live in the era of the period ending when it will start a new era. Great tips in this new era is coming a flood, according to scientists already observe due to climatic changes. "Fifth polar shift," this change earlier in the changes that will occur again, as the change of the magnetic field polarity Cross-Border Publishing Editor in Chief Ergun Candan, climate change or the world it is connected. Cordially, "the place or angle changes the poles is melting the polar ice. Moreover, as a result of global warming is already melting glaciers in the Arctic has begun now. Mayans lived four times before, according to the just ended up this way," he says.

* So all in all, this information is scientifically proven to put into that? World at least four times a polar shift (north and south pole) where proven scientific data. Most recent Discovery channel how the earth's magnetic field periodically announced that the scientific community. Even the three-dimensional animations were shown on the computer screen. Currently, there is an enormous change in the earth's magnetic field. The biggest reason for this is the changes that occur in the sun. Interestingly, the Mayans knew it. On the other side of the subject however not satisfied with the Mayans, the tragedy will affect all of humanity in the future announced to us that they are encrypted form. This is according to the password of the year 2012 is very important for the world.

Nirvana TRUE

* Does not yılındadünya So according to this view will be 2012? Yeasts for 2012 'the end of time,' he says. But this is not the destruction of the world's top-forward a physical change. Think of it as in earlier flood. With these physical changes, mental changes proportionally with each other continues. Each with a large physical changes in the lives of human spiritual change. So far, people who lived down the descent. In the first, a little more kabalaştı, the second a little more, the third a little more ... Was literally a dip at the end of the fourth. Therefore, in 2012 the Mayans defines an era of humanity there will output up again. Even now the Golden Age of the various religions, such as the promised heaven or Nirvana mentions. The importance of 2012 is here. Humanity will be up and going down again. The Mayans also say that the first step in 2012.

* What is the correct output in 2012 up until this time, which will be completed? To our knowledge, this is the process of ascent began. Maybe 2012 could be a final. It's a process. But the flood should not confuse the stink. Judgment is a mental change, a physical change in the mean flood. As well as the esoteric and mystical Doomsday (hidden trainer) sense, means standing up and wake up. This is what is meant awakening spiritual enlightenment. Thus, the meanings of the symbols of religious texts and religious texts can be solved by anyone who may face the truth hidden.


* There's no doubt been on the date of December 22, 2012? Mayans predictions for the near future all the esoteric knowledge overlap. For this reason, the history is of great importance. However, this can be found in dating a margin of error of two years should not be overlooked. This is because the Mayan Calendar, we use the turning of the Gregorian calender 1 BC to 1 AD is Passed. Between 0 omitted. Astrophysicist Cotterel attracted attention to this issue in his study.

* So far, Mayans, which found its place in the prophecies? Currently, the world's scientifically proven spends four times a polarity reversal. Today it is proven. In today's new keşfetse people in it, the Mayans were aware of it. This is an important thing in itself.

* Mayans reached on how all this information? All of these world-renowned astro-physicist Coterelli'nin collection of information as a result of a BBC reporter Adrian Gilbert has announced the world. The most important invention in the ancient Mayan city of the Temple of Inscriptions Palanque'deki they cover tombstone was çözmeleriyle password.

* Password How was it solved? Symmetry is very important conclusions arrived at by solving the relevant information. Ribbon motif on the lid side by side in a symmetrical way that brought Jaguar and a bat symbol on it, saw the emergence of. Mayans hid these symbols appear in a moment Cotterel'i maze. Because the Mayans Jaguar fifth mythological inscriptions so our our age, bats symbolized the death! ... Clearly seen on the cover "Solar Cross" of the Sun's magnetic bone marrow represented on the buttonholes. This is the secret message of the Mayans. To live the tragedy will occur because the magnetic changes in the sun! ..

Mayans Prophecy

According to the Mayan civilization, tablets do not have hundreds of years ago after the last age of the world will be a great flood.

Marduk extinction of the Mayan calendar is also overlap. In this century, the world's fifth change.

Does the countdown begins?

Tufanların the end of the Mayan calendar that has the 4 tablets again after the flood era marked the beginning of the 21st century is the era finish 5th.

Secret tablets
The world's most mysterious Mayan civilization, leaving only the solution had decades of writing tablets. Deleted from the stage of history without a trace of scientists and historians investigating the traces of this magnificent civilization, reached important implications for the future of the world. But that the world will enter the era of tablets like kriptoyu Mayans were the last to be written after the great flood. "Alien civilization" four times as far as the world was defined according to the Mayans, and there was great destruction at the end of every age. Looking to live in the world created by Mayans calendar clear as flood. Calendar of Mayans, the world is changing era of 1 million 872 thousand a day. This calendar year, which is quite complicated, but the face çözülebildi scientists. Mayans prophecy about the future of the world will read the article in this series.

Astro physicist Adrian Gilbert writes BBC correspondent compiles the work of Maurice Cotterel'in "Mayan Prophecies"'s book published in Turkey Cross-Border Publishing Editor in Chief of humanity in the coming years Candan Ergun says he expects new developments. Cordially, he continues, "is not a mass extinction, a collective awakening of the natural disasters that are going ... The present and future, of the elements of this process. Shows all the signs are that the religions and all the resources mentioned in the prophecies of old, beauty can not be described in a approaching rapidly towards the Golden Age. şuurlarımız As a result of all these changes on the heavy veil will be lifted, so that the true history of our world, and most importantly, able to understand the secrets of our existence ... But this is part of the process of change our world would face the necessity to endure the physical changes do not forget. " Cordially, Mayan Oracles of religion in the last three books underscore the Deluge pointed out.

Each şeydenönce Mayans came to a superior level of religious knowledge. Belief in one God, the old "Does the Sun religion", depending on what a topluluktular. For example, the Egyptian civilization, and placed after the Mu Mu civilization, which developed as a colony of Atlantis. Showing the development of the period, although it is much more than the output stage of history as a civilization. Yeast is far superior to that sense and knowledge of Egypt and ancient history would have. Thanks to a highly developed religious systems of the future with some knowledge of the history of the Mayans of the information you have knowledge of the future lay in being. "Initial somehow it will be the last in the" I have a saying very old esoteric. Because some things are repeated periodically on earth. That's what makes Mayans important esoteric (hidden trainer) with knowledge that they were. One of the most significant changes occurring in the earth according to the Mayans from the axis concerned. In today's scientific discoveries and knowledge of the Mayans it is fully overlapped.

The Mayans also expressed their calendars and their holy books, such as the Popol Vuh'da four times the world has changed, and a fifth change in the angle of the axis would also state that in this century. Reiterate that the biggest cause of periodic magnetic changes that occur in the sun, the earth magnetic change to take effect. So, as a result of changes in the magnetic field as a result of this triggering a shift is occurring in the world in terms of the axis. Astrophysicist Cotterel "Every Cosmic Döngü'de replaced five times the sun's magnetic field. This is exactly four times in the past Mayans the world's largest natural disasters (Tufanlar) 21 Yüzyıl'daki expected that suffered flood at the end of the Age of the Fifth Sun The main reason for conviction will follow. "

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